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An Enhanced Trigger Designed for Your CZ Scorpion

Want to take your CZ Scorpion to the next level? This Timney Trigger will definitely do that, because it comes with a pre-set pull weight measuring between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds, and this trigger feels cleaner and crisper than anything you've felt in an OEM carbine. Start shooting faster and more accurately by adding this drop-in design to your PCC.

Each Timney Triggers CZ Scorpion Trigger features a hammer and trigger shoe that's machined to precision tolerances, heat-treated to 56 Rockwell C hardness and finished with a black-oxide trigger coating. After that, the engagement surfaces are treated with an NP3 plating to lower friction, creating that smooth trigger pull you've only dreamed about until now.

Each Timney Triggers CZ Scorpion Trigger is offered with a curved trigger shoe only and is backed by the company's No Hassle Lifetime Warranty. This trigger will fit into all CZ Scorpion models.

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Style: Adjustable, Curved