Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Drop-In Fire Control System Gives A Light, Safe, Match-Grade Pull

Self-contained trigger/assembly installs in minutes and delivers a light, smooth, match-grade trigger pull free of grittiness, with an ultra-crisp letoff and short reset. Simply remove factory trigger and safety selector, drop in the module, reinstall selector and pins, and you’re ready to shoot. Completely new engagement geometry produces a light 3-lb. pull and crisp release without compromising reliability or safety. The two-stage design is adjustable for sear engagement, with a first-stage takeup of approximately 6 ounces, followed by actual sear movement taking up the rest of the weight—the reverse of the military two-stage AR trigger pull profile. Instead, the shooter can build force steadily, maintaining precise control and keeping his attention on the target. After release, reset travel is only .030", less than half the .070" typical of standard match triggers, to aid in fast, accurate follow-up shots. The sear captures the hammer at the back instead of near the pivot point to help produce the light pull and maintain safety. A second, independent, intercepting sear is positioned to block the hammer if it slips off the primary sear, as when the weapon is dropped or suffers hard impact. If the intercepting sear captures the hammer, pulling the trigger will still fire the rifle, though with a heavier pull weight. In addition, the Gold system uses the rifle’s factory safety to positively capture the hammer, like an M1 Garand, and roll it back below the primary sear for an extra margin of safety. A lightweight aluminum housing contains the entire system and maintains the correct tolerances between the working parts. The receiver pins serve only to anchor the module in the receiver, with no effect on trigger function.

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SPECS: Trigger/Hammer – Wire EDM cut S7 tool steel. Housing – Aluminum, anodized, black. SR Gold fits ArmaLite® AR-10®, DPMS LR-308, Knight’s Armament SR-25, and similar AR-style .308 rifles with .154" trigger and hammer pin holes.


Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.