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A Do-It-All Trigger Designed for Your AR-15

In the AR-15 market, it seems like anything you can think of, it's probably made as an accessory or an enhancement for your gun, and that's just as true for drop-in AR-15 triggers, too. Whether it's a competition trigger, a precision trigger, a combat trigger or something else, there's always an option. But what about a trigger that just does it all? TriggerTech has you covered there with its Adaptable AR Primary Trigger, an adjustable design that can fit any role.

Each TriggerTech Adaptable AR-15 Trigger is designed to provide a short, two-stage trigger break that feels similar to that found on a 1911, and you know how nice those trigger feel. You'll get a crisp break that's completely free of creep, as well as a shortened overtravel distance and an incredibly short reset that measures only .030-inch. Built with the company's Frictionless Release Technology, the trigger provides dependable service in any kind of environment, and it's a pull that won't degrade over time, since there are no sear surfaces that wear away!

Every TriggerTech Adaptable AR-15 Trigger features a curved trigger shoe and an adjustable pull weight that can be set anywhere from 2.5-5 pounds in 2-ounce increments. The trigger fits all mil-spec AR-15 lower receivers outfitted with 0.154-inch trigger- and hammer-pin holes.


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Style: Drop-In