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Complete trigger system installs in five minutes without fitting or modification of parts on the trigger or your receiver. All adjustments are made with setscrews, eliminating the risk of ruining the trigger due to errors in fitting. Includes the JP Speed Hammer for fast lock time, plus “anti-walk” pins with button head cap screws for easy removal and reinstallation of the trigger system. Overtravel adjustment screw lets you set your trigger for a clean, crisp, single-stage release. Comes with two hammer springs: install the yellow spring to get a 3 to 3½ pull for competition or recreational shooting with non-military ammunition. The red spring gives a 3½ to 4 lb. pull and more hammer force for use with the harder primers found on military (5.56mm NATO) ammo and for law enforcement duty use. The red spring should be used in any installation on an AR-style .308 rifle. For a heavier, 4½ lb. pull for tactical applications or NRA Service Rifle competition, install the JPS4.5 spring kit. JPFCP-1EZ fits small pin (.154") receivers.

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Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:039

SPECS: Steel, black oxide finish. Models available for rifles with .154" dia. (military and current commercial rifles) or .169" diameter (Colt rifles) hammer and trigger pin holes. Measure your pins and select the correct kit. NOTE: Will not fit Colt rifles with pinned-in full-auto sear block. JP recommends JPFC-2 trigger for those installations. Kit includes trigger, hammer, disconnector/sear trigger spring, yellow hammer spring, red hammer spring, safety assembly, (2) anti-walk pins, disconnector spring, instructions, and DVD with video showing step-by-step installation.

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    Pro-Rated AR



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