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Featherweight Thumbhole Savage Axis Detachable Box Mag Short Action Factory Barrel Channel in Pepper Laminate

The FT's design is a synthesis of design elements requested by you, the customer, for a thumbhole design. With a large rollover cheek piece for scope usage and straight comb design to minimize cheek slap when shooting, the hand conforming thumbhole allows for increased accuracy while distributing the recoil among the palm and shoulder thus minimizing muzzle jump and felt recoil. The forend is proportioned to nicely complement barrels from 21 inches to 25 inches in length and will accommodate barreled actions with standard sporter contour barrels. Larger barrels up to a tapered varmint design can be inlet in these stocks. The forend also has side vents which permit the free floating barrel to cool efficiently for those long days at the range.


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Color: Pepper

Material: LAMINATE

Style: Thumbhole