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The AX AICS (Accuracy International Chassis System) brings the ergonomic and functional benefits of the advanced Accuracy International AX sniper rifle system to the Remington 700 platform. A far superior chassis system suitable for any environment and mission, the AX AICS provides a degree of modularity and configurability that cannot be achieved with a traditional stock. Quick and easy to install, requiring no specialized gunsmithing, the AX AICS is built from polymer and alloy. The AX chassis is more than just a stock!

  • Full length aluminum chassis. The stiffness chassis gives the rifle a rugged, environmentally stable platform to enhance accuracy and zero retention. The action is attached to the chassis by two bolts (supplied) and retained in a self-aligning vee block bedding system which eliminates the need for bedding.
  •  Folding chassis. When folded, the overall length is reduced by 8”. Ideal for rapid deployment from a vehicle, the stock locks in the folded position to avoid noise. Release by simply pulling the butt, the wear compensated hinge ensures total rigidity in the extended position.
  •  Pistol grip.
  •  Adjustable cheekpiece. The standard adjustable cheekpiece adjusts left/right as well as for height to obtain optimum cheek position when using night vision equipment or telescopic sights with large objective lenses.
  • Butt pad. Chassis systems are fitted with a bolt-on soft rubber pad with 10 & 20mm spacers as standard.
  • Bipod adapter. The chassis has a fixing point for Harris Bipods fitted as standard.
  • Magazine. Surface toughened and finished with a multi-part, anti-corrosion, low friction coating. One 5 round magazine is supplied as standard. The chassis design makes loading faster and more positive – no need to lift the rifle.
  • Forend mount assembly. 16” long action or 13” short action free float tube forend featuring a keyhole slot system for quick and securely attaching modular rail sections for mounting accessories. One 80mm rail and one sling loop included as standard.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:189


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Discontinued by the Factory

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.

Discontinued by the Factory

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.