Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

  • Made of DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer
  • For either left and right-handed shooters
  • Thumb hold grip steadies the weapon
  • Matching hand guard for a uniform, military look
  • Built in cheek rest adds comfort
  • Ventilated forend improves air flow
  • Multiple capabilities of duel sling mount
  • 1-inch extended length creates more distance between stock and rear sight
  • Fits all AK variants and milled and stamped receivers
  • Includes manufacturer's unconditional lifetime warranty 

Customize your AK 47 by replacing the original stock with the AK/MAK-90 Maadi Fiberforce Stock. Your weapon will have a lethal military look and a much better fit than the standard stock. This Fiberforce stock is made of durable black, glass-filled nylon that is virtually indestructible and waterproof. The matching hand guard will give your AK 47 a uniform, military look.

The Maadi Fiberforce Stock features a thumb hold grip, built in cheek rest, ventilated forend, and duel sling mount. The one-inch extended length adds distance from the stock to the rear sight so it fits your body better and improves your shot. It works with either right or left-handed shooters and includes a dual sling mount to accommodate combat or standard slings. This stock comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

SPECS: DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer, Waterproof, Black finish, Ambidextrous, Thumb hold grip, Matching hand guard, Cheek rest, Ventilated forend, Duel sling mount, 1-inch extended length, Fit all AK 7.62 x 39 type rifles, Manufacturer's warranty.


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Color: Black

Material: Polymer

Style: Thumbhole

Type: Mil-Spec