Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The FRS-15 Stock and Buffer Tube Covers allow for the AR-15 enthusiast to comply with State regulations, while still maintaining a functional rifle.  The tradtiional stock contour will suit most shooters, and the checkered grip will ensure a consistent hold.  The FRS-15 stock also features multiple sling hardpoints and compatibility with stanard M4 recoil pads.  The stockcomes with a buffer tube cover.   Which has the option for the inclusion of QD sling mounts.  The cover also accepts some M4 cheek risers, such as 100-012-476.  For residents of States with restrictions, replacement of the pistol grip and stock with these parts eliminates two prohibited characteristics or features that define an "Assault Weapon".  Other restricitons may apply in your area, so please check with local laws prior to installation.  Some regulations may require permanent attachment of the stock.

Laws and regulations can change at any time; the user is responsible for making sure his rifle stays compliant.

SPECS: Fits - AR-15 rifles with a carbine length buffer tube.  Stock attaches to lower receiver at grip location.  Polymer constuction. 

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Color: Black

Style: Fixed

Type: Carbine Length

Material: Polymer