Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Precise Weapon Control In All Tactical Situations; Comes With Customizable Storage Options

“Clubfoot”-style adjustable stock with modular storage options gives the tactical shooter exceptional versatility and weapon control. The EMOD is 1½ " longer than the original Modstock to ensure a solid, comfortable cheekweld even on rifles with long eye relief scopes. Two, detachable, full-length storage compartments provide additional cheek support for more comfort and stability. Each waterproof compartment holds up to 3 AA or 4 CR123 batteries, and a permanent flip-open compartment on the left side of the stock holds two more AA batteries or other small items. Extra-length buttplate with removable rubber pad angles forward from heel to toe for a better hold in the “ready” position and when the weapon is held above the shoulder pocket in the heads-up position. Two, molded-in sling loops accept military-style, nylon web slings; molded-in sling socket accepts a quick-detach, push-button swivel for ambidextrous single-point sling attachment. Basic EMOD Kit includes buttstock and detachable storage compartments only, available for Commercial buffer tubes.

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SPECS: Molded polymer, black. 7¾” (19.7cm) long. Basic EMOD Kit includes buttstock and two (2) detachable storage compartments.


Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.