Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Textured Finger Grooves Help Ensure Solid Grasp On Weapon

Lightweight polymer grip wraps around the magazine chamber for added comfort and stability for your support hand, along with better recoil control during rapid fire. Ergonomic, curved design incorporates three textured, nonslip finger grooves, making it easy to hold and aim your rifle while reducing hand and arm fatigue. Produces a natural tendency to tuck the elbow close to your side - an advantage in close quarters situations - and keeping your grasp off the magazine itself helps prevent misfeeds. Also features two removable covers for the recessed pressure switch mounting channels. Quick, simple installation requires no permanent modifications or Picatinny rail; two-piece extension securely attaches to the weapon with three hex-head crossbolts.

SPECS: Polymer, black. 4-3/8" (11.1cm) long, 1½" (3.81cm) wide, 2½" (6.35cm) high. 2.88 oz. (81.6g) wt. Includes Allen wrench.

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Color: Black