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An AR-15 Safety Designed to Enhanced Your TriggerTech Trigger

So, you've installed a TriggerTech trigger into your AR-15 to get better performance. That's a great upgrade, and you rifle will run well with it, but there's a way to make your rifle operate even better with TriggerTech's AR Safety. This design enhances the performance of your rifle's trigger and is packed with features, all designed to give you greater control and improved handling.

Each TriggerTech AR Safety is built with a patented design that allows you to install or remove the trigger without having to remove the grip from your rifle, thanks to the ball-tipped detent pin. This makes it a lot easier to change out triggers, as well as do basic maintenance on your firearm. In addition, the tipped detent features a silicon-nitride ball that reduces friction and enhances durability, so you get a seamless, smooth transition when shifting from safe to fire and back again.

This TriggerTech AR Safety is an ambidextrous design, and you can interchange it with short and long levers, depending on your preference. Don't want an ambidextrous selector? Well, the company includes a cap that allows you to plug one side of the selector. Prefer a short-throw? You can do that, too! This safety can be adjusted to either a 45- or 90-degree throw.


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Mfr Part: ARS-SNB-49-YCM

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