Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

While the tactile feel of a safety selector can be enough to be sure of whether or not you're on "Safe" or "Fire," there's nothing quite like visual confirmation, and the Battle Arms Development Nite Ambidextrous Safety Selector is easily seen in low-light environments. This is due to the inclusion of several fiber-optic inserts, which pick up ambient light and allow for fast, easy confirmation of your selector settings.

Each Battle Arms Development Bad-Ass Elite Nite Ambidextrous Safety Selector improves on the company's old designs with an all-new lockup on the lever itself, and the dovetail has been improved to ensure that it's absolutely impervious to breakage. This safety selector is completely compatible with all aftermarket triggers on the market, and the Swiss-machined core means that shooters will have an incredibly smooth transition from each selector position.

A standard-length and a short-length lever are included with this Battle Arms Development Bad-Ass Elite Nite Ambidextrous Safety Selector, each machined from 7075 billet aluminum, and the levers can be swapped to other designs preferred by the builder. Fiber-optic inserts are also available for visual confirmation of safety positions in low-light environments.


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