Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

An All-New Nucleus Rifle Action Designed to Enhance Your Shooting Experience

American Rifle Company has redesigned its innovative Nucleus bolt-action receiver to create an all-new, second-generation model in the form of the Nucleus G2.0. This enhanced receiver is designed to provide a better shooting experience for you, and it incorporates changes you requested from the company, so take advantage of the innovation you created!

The American Rifle Company Nucleus G2.0 bolt-action receiver was designed initially as a way to speed up production and get newly built receivers out to waiting customers faster. This next-generation design now features a Mausingfield striker assembly and a bolt head and extractor identical to those found on the Archimedes. However, the new receiver also features consumer-minded enhancements.

The American Rifle Company Nucleus G2.0 receiver now has a keyed scope-rail interface that allows for better alignment and improves handling of recoil. You also don't need any tools to take down the bolt and exchange bolt heads. And the already smooth action has been made even smoother, because the company incorporated an 80-degree bolt rotation on the G2.0 instead of the 72-degree rotation found on the first-gen model. Despite these upgrades, the Nucleus is still the same receiver you love and retains all the features that made it popular with bolt-gun guys like you in the first place.


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