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Detail-Accurate Replica of Lower on Very Early AR Rifles

Our BRN-601 lower receiver is a replica of the very first AR-15, the Model 601. Designed in conjunction with the folks at Nodak Spud, our receiver precisely mirrors the features and "slab-side" profile of the original. As a result, our BRN-601 lower is perfect for a "Retro" or reproduction build of a very early AR-15 (see Gun Tech Note™ below for details).

Each BRN-601 lower receiver starts life as a 7075 T6 aluminum forging that is then machined to final dimensions. The machined lower then gets a gray hardcoat anodized finish that’s an excellent match to the color of the originals.

Simple, engraved markings on the BRN-601 won’t detract from the period look and include the following:

  • Model: BRN-601
  • Cal: 5.56mm
  • Mfg: Brownells Inc.

Standard, current-production AR-15 components will work perfectly with the BRN-601, with the exception of the front takedown pin. This receiver so accurately replicates the original that you must use our special Model 601 Pivot Pin (#078-000-372, sold separately).

NOTE: FFL required for purchase.

Brownells Gun Tech™ Note: The original Model 601 lower receiver was found on early AR-15 rifles produced by Colt Manufacturing from 1959 through 1963. These receivers were used on the first rifles issued to the Air Force - and those tested by the U.S. Army. The production numbers of original rifles with this type of receiver are quite low, making the BRN-601 an excellent base for a very unique "Retro" build.

Features of the Brownells BRN-601 lower receiver that make it a close replica of the original 601 include the front takedown lug profile and area surrounding the receiver extension. This lower has a distinctive "slab side" contour on the right-hand side of the magazine well, with no "fence" around the magazine release. Most forged AR-15 "carry handle" lower receivers produced today have the A2 profile, which is incorrect for reproductions of the early rifles.

The BRN-601 lower is the proper receiver for building reproduction of the following rifles:

  • Model 601 (early AR-15 “Air Force” rifles)
  • Model 602
  • Early prototype AR-15 rifles

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:013


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