Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Imported Direct from Germany - Limited Quantity - When They're gone, They're Gone!

We are pleased to be to offer something never before available in the U.S. marketplace: a parts kit for the Heckler & Koch 417 rifle. Our kit contains all the parts needed to assemble a complete H&K 417 rifle, except for the lower receiver, barrel, and bolt (a solution IS coming - more on that below).

Our H&K 417 Parts Kits were disassembled from surplus complete, military/LE H&K 417 rifles. Most of the donor rifles appear to have been unfired, except for factory test firing. Through a special arrangement, Brownells has purchased them direct from Germany so we can offer them to folks who want to build an example of a legendary rifle that's never been available in the U.S.

Note: These H&K 417 kits have been disassembled from complete rifles that saw little-to-no use. But they may show signs of disassembly and wear. For that reason, these kits are sold AS IS. Brownells CANNOT hand-select sub-components for customers.

What about the missing parts? Due to restrictions in German export law, we could not obtain the lower receivers, barrels, and bolts. The good news is that Brownells WILL be offering these components in the future. All customers who purchase H&K 417 Parts Kits will be notified when these three parts arrive in stock.

Our Heckler & Koch 417 Parts Kit includes the following components:

  • Upper receiver assembly, including piston bushing, forward assist & ejection port cover
  • Charging handle assembly
  • Barrel nut
  • Handguard, including retaining bolt & spring - Handguard may have cut for front sight, but front sight is NOT included.
  • Gas block (not including pins for attaching to barrel) - some gas blocks may be adjustable
  • Gas piston assembly, including piston, rings & piston rod assembly
  • Bolt carrier, including cam pin & firing pin with its spring & retaining pin
  • Extractor & ejector – includes two ejectors & two springs
  • Receiver extension with buffer, spring, castle nut & end plate
  • Buttstock assembly
  • Pistol Grip, including screw & bottom door
  • Lower Parts Kit - takedown pins & hardware, magazine release assembly, bolt catch assembly, buffer retainer assembly & triggerguard
  • Fire control group - may include full auto, burst, or semi-auto group - ALL NFA RULES APPLY
  • Safety Selector Levers – ALL NFA RULES APPLY
  • Please note, the remaining kits do not include a flash hider

Like the more common H&K 416, the 7.62 NATO chambered H&K 417 has a short-stroke piston operating system instead of the direct impingement system found on the similar-looking AR-15 / M16 platform. The H&K piston system is well-known for its robustness and reliability in adverse conditions.

It is unlikely - or at least highly uncertain - that more of these kits will ever come to the U.S. This is a rare chance to own an example of one of the world's most respected rifles. Don't miss out!