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All The Parts To Refurbish Or Repair Your Bolt

Caliber-specific kits contain all the parts needed to refurbish or repair bolts on AR-style rifles. AR-15 Kit contains ejector, ejector/selector detent spring, extractor, extractor spring and buffer, extractor pin, ejector roll pin, 3 gas rings and extractor spring o-ring. 308 Kit fits CMMG, DPMS and similar-pattern AR-Style 308 rifles. It contains firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, extractor, extractor pin, large and small extractor springs, extractor o ring, ejector, ejector spring, and 2 McFarland-style bolt rings. 9mm Kit contains firing pin, firing pin spring, firing pin retaining pin, extractor and extractor roll pin. 22 LR Kit contains firing pin, extractor pin, 22 extractor, 22 extractor spring, 22 firing pin, 22 guide tube pin and firing pin spring. All kits sold separately.

SPECS: Fits - AR15 & M16 bolts.


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