Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Strike Industries pin kit is a valuable addition to your spare/replacement parts inventory. This kit is comprised of several important lower pins and detents. The kit contains takedown and pivot pins, takedown and pivot pin detents, hammer and trigger pins, selector detents, trigger guard roll pins, bolt catch roll pins and bolt catch plungers. If you're looking to assemble some stripped lower receivers or to replace worn out pins and detents, get your pin kit today!

Package include:

  • 20x Take down pin
  • 20x Pivot pin
  • 40x Trigger/Hammer pin
  • 20x Buffer Retainer Pin
  • 20x Bolt catch plunger
  • 20x Bolt catch roll pin
  • 40x Takedown/Pivot pin detent
  • 20x Safety detent


  • Essential Lower Receiver Pins
  • Durable and follows industry standards
  • Matte Black Finish

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