Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Building an AR? Need your lower parts? Looking for a deal? Brownells has your answer! Brownells has paired together an AR-15 lower parts kit with the option of a curved black CMMG trigger or curved Schmid Tool & Engineering nickel boron trigger, depending on your preference!

This 5.56 NATO AR-15 lower receiver parts kit is made of all high quality, Made in the USA, Mil-spec parts. This kit does not contain a pistol grip. Each part is well made, durable and packaged in color coded bags for easy installation. This kit is an excellent choice for building or rebuilding an AR-15 rifle. Contains: Takedown Pin, Receiver Pivot Pin, Takedown Pin Detent (2), Takedown Pin Detent Spring (2), Bolt Catch, Bolt Catch Plunger, Bolt Catch Spring Pin, Bolt Catch Spring, Buffer Retainer, Buffer Retainer Spring, Magazine Catch, Magazine Catch Spring, Magazine Catch Button, Trigger Guard Assembly, Trigger Guard Pivot Spring Pin, Safety Selector, Selector Detent, Selector Detent Spring, Grip Screw Washer, Grip Screw.

Whether or not you're looking to build a mil-spec reproduction or you're just waiting on an upgraded trigger, adding a mil-spec trigger kit to your AR-15 build is a must. The CMMG Mil-Spec Trigger Kit includes all of the components necessary to add an M16-style, semi-auto trigger to your build.

Each black CMMG Mil-Spec Trigger Kit includes a hammer assembly, hammer spring, trigger, trigger disconnect spring, trigger spring, disconnect and a disconnect spring.
The nickel Teflon trigger comes with the trigger, hammer, disconnector, trigger, hammer and disconnector springs. Hammer/trigger pins are required.



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