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A Trigger-Free Parts Kit to Finish Your Stripped Lower

One of the reasons why the AR-15 is so popular among firearm enthusiasts is the ability to buy a stripped lower receiver and complete it on your own, adding in all the components you want and none you don't. However, many lower-parts kits on the market include every component, including the components that builders often toss to the side: a mil-spec trigger. Why pay for what you won't use? That's why CMC Triggers launched its AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

This CMC Triggers AR-15 Lower Parts Kit includes every small bit you need to complete a lower receiver, and all the parts included are guaranteed to meet or exceed military specifications. However, a few parts you won't get are the trigger, hammer and the springs associated with each. That's because CMC Triggers is providing consumers with the ability to add in their own trigger without having to pay for a mil-spec design that won't see use.

After installing all of these components from the CMC Triggers AR-15 Lower Parts Kit, all you need to do is find a trigger, a buffer tube, stock and pistol grip, and your lower-receiver is ready to roll!

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:053

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