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Drop the Mag With Either Hand for Fast, Reliable Reloads

The Arms Unlimited Ambidextrous AR-15 Magazine Release makes it easy to release the mag with either hand to achieve fast reloads while staying firmly on target. Of course, this is a huge benefit to left-handed shooters, and it also enables right-handers to drop the mag with the thumb of the non-firing hand and not interfere with the rifle’s function.

Easy to install: simply unscrew your AR-15 existing magazine latch, drop the Arms Unlimited ambidextrous release in its place, and you’re good to go.

  • Compatible with AR-15 / M4 / M16 rifles and pistols
  • Won't snag, resists accidental release
  • Release only - button & spring not included
  • Steel construction - won’t give out when equipment failure is not an option

Arms Unlimited machines their mag latch from 12L14 steel billet, which results in an exceptionally strong part with a smooth, low-friction surface. Your latch will work smoothly, so operating it won’t spoil your aim, while the low friction increases its service life.


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