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Direct Replacement Parts Make Action Jobs Faster & More Consistent

Don’t be afraid to tackle action jobs on the Uberti '60, '66 and '73 Winchester clones for lack of viable parts. These direct replacement lifter and lever spring sets are made from music wire with a stainless steel mounting base for consistent action jobs time after time. No need to hand grind the stock springs or leave them loose. Completely eliminates gouged lever and lifter cam surfaces. Recommended for use with the high-quality, 6-40 tpi screw sets sold separately, because the rough, threaded factory screws are usually damaged when removed. Screws manufactured with correct head dimensions and length.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:180
SPECS: Springs - Music wire, stainless steel base. Screws- Steel, blue, matte-finish. Hardened, 6-40 tpi. Spring Set includes (2) springs. Screw Set includes (2) screws. Springs and screws must be purchased separately.
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