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Prevents Threading Rimfire Suppressors On Too Far

SilencerCo’s 1/2"-28 Rifle Thread Spacer corrects the problem of a .22 rimfire barrel with muzzle threads that are too long. .22 caliber rimfire and centerfire sound suppressors have the same thread pitch 1/2"-28, but the threaded portion of the muzzle is longer on centerfire rifles. Manufacturers goof up more often than you’d expect and give rimfire muzzles centerfire-length threads.

If a rimfire muzzle has an over-long threaded area, you run the risk of damaging your suppressor by tightening it too far onto the barrel. At the least, the suppressor might not be positioned correctly for optimum operation. The SilencerCo 1/2"-28 Rifle Thread Spacer is the solution. It covers the excess threads, while properly positioning your rimfire suppressor on the muzzle.

  • Shortens the thread area while maintaining concentricity
  • Gives your rimfire suppressor a solid shoulder
  • Cleans up aesthetics of the rifle by hiding excess threads
  • Machined steel, black oxide finish

SilencerCo’s 1/2"x28 Rifle Thread Spacer fills the gap that would otherwise be left between the silencer and thread shoulder. Check your rifle today!



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Finish: Black

Threads: 1/2-28