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Keeps the Muzzle Down, Promotes Faster, More Accurate Follow-Up Shots

The Hipercomp™ 9mm is a version of Hiperfire’s AR-15 compensator expressly designed for pistol caliber carbines chambered in 9mm Luger. It produces impressive reduction of felt recoil - and looks darned good doing it. OK, we admit the 9mm round is hardly a shoulder punisher, but it produces enough recoil, even in a carbine, to slow you down in getting the sights back on the target, especially during rapid or full-auto fire. This unwanted delay can significantly reduce your effectiveness in competition, military/LE operations, or a self-defense scenario. The High PERformance COMPensator is the solution.

The Hipercomp 9mm’s "vectored exhaust" carefully directs expanding exhaust gases to counteract felt recoil muzzle rise to give you a critical edge in speed.

  • Robust cast-and-machined steel construction
  • Durable corrosion- and blast-resistant black Nitride finish
  • Complies with 3-gun competition muzzle device rules
  • Fits ½"-28 tpi muzzle threads
  • Mil-spec wrench flats

The Hiperfire® team designed the Hipercomp 9mm to be robust but still compact, so it’s less than 3" long with a 1" O.D. and a modest 3.5 oz. installed weight. Put one on your pistol-caliber 9mm AR-15 and enjoy improved weapon control, better second (and later) shot accuracy, and a more comfortable shooting experience for yourself.


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Caliber: 9 mm (.355-.356)

Finish: Black

Material: Steel

Threads: 1/2-28