Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Strike Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management utilizes the patent pending SI Cable Management System® (CMS) function which enables you to organize and store excess wire from your weapon light or any other cabled accessories while adding a positive tactile feeling. Also protect your Pic rail from damage and protect your hand or thumb from sharp Pic rail edges. Instead of tucking wire anywhere you can and using cable ties or tape to hold it down, this simple and cost-effective solution for messy wires gives you a way to route and/or contain loose wire up to 3.5mm (0.14”) diameter inside the cover cavity. Cables can be routed alongside the Pic rail, alongside, U-shape, Z-shape or across to the other side. Designed to be a low-profile (9.43mm (0.37”) height) and used in any orientation, this cover protects your hand or thumb and has a textured surface which gives the shooter more control while handling or firing of the weapon. Made of durable and lightweight SI PolyFlex material, the cover only uses two (x2) Pic rail sections making it a compact and quick upgrade for the shooters hands while organizing and routing cables just about any way you want on a Pic rail. Available in a 6-pack, the Strike Multidirectional Picatinny Rail Cover with Cable Management will accessorize multiple Picatinny rails or weapons to not only add more weapon control but look good with wire management that is a quick installation and removal.



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Color: Black

Material: PolyFlex

Style: Picatinny