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For Positive, Consistent Extraction Even On Carbines & SBRs

Extra-strong extractor spring increases extractor’s grip on case groove and helps ensure reliable, complete extraction. Especially effective for improving reliability of an AR-15 style carbine, pistol, or short barreled rifle (SBR) where a weak extractor spring can cause extractor lift, leading to failure to fully extract the spent case before the fresh round is fed from the magazine, resulting in a stoppage. Heavy-grade, high-quality spring steel and a proprietary heat-treating process ensure long service life with less weakening over time than ordinary springs.

AR-15, Issue:11, Page:031
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:043
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:101
SPECS: Tempered spring steel. Fits all AR-15/M16/M4-style rifles, carbines, and pistols.

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