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Helps You Get a Handle on the Situation - And Get Your Rifle into Action FAST

TacLatch ARC charging handles from Techwear are ambidextrous charging handles that help you charge the rifle quickly and efficiently, without false tries, during competition, law enforcement operations, or just during a casual day at the range! The TacLatch ARC charging handle mechanism is designed to release the catch when pressure is applied to ANY part of the levers, enabling the shooter to operate the gun faster than with a traditional, mil-spec handle.

The TacLatch ARC also makes it easier for smaller-statured individuals to operate the charging handle with ease. And the ARC handles are operated entirely by a standard spring - no complex cams or intricate mechanisms that can fail or jam at the wrong moment. The force of operating the handle is spread across the entire handle, thus minimizing the risk of excessive wear on certain components.

  • Made of strong, lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Durable hardcoat anodized finish
  • Stem of handle has a touch baked-on dry-lube coating in smooth operation
  • Two models to choose from

The TacLatch ARC-L model features extended, ambidextrous levers that maximize speed and smoothness of operation during competition, with plenty of clearance for AR-15s fitted with a full-size scope. The ARC-L activates when any part of the lever is pressed, ensuring reliable operation in all environments. The ARC-S handle has rounded, ambidextrous latch levers that will not snag gear or poke you while you’re carrying the rifle on a sling. The ARC-S latch mechanism is specifically optimized for shooters wear gloves and for those with small hands.

A Techwear TacLatch ARC Charging Handle is a fantastic upgrade for your existing AR-15 or a great option for a new build!

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Finish: Black

Hand: Ambidextrous

Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.