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For anyone using .308/7.62 AR-type rifles, it is common knowledge that many factory rounds exhibit excessive primer flow and/or ejector smear. At its core, this is a result of ammo development being done by manufacturers only for manual platforms without testing in semi-auto platforms. Some rifle manuals even record the maximum recommended load data beyond the functional range of these rifles. Unfortunately, these issues will persist until the manufacturers of ammunition realize that an AR platform requires a unique pressure curve to allow for both accuracy and reliability.

Manufactured to the exacting standards of our standard bolt offerings, the High Pressure EnhancedBolt™ design represents a giant leap forward in alleviating the problems traceable to over-pressured loads—namely primer flow, ejector smear, extraction issues, and ignition reliability. In combating these problems, this new bolt design opens up a much broader range of ammunition compatibility and load density in the AR .308/7.62 and other variants such as 6.5mm or 6mm calibers in this platform.

Complete bolt assembly is precision machined from an ultra-strong steel alloy to last up to 10 times longer than a standard carbon steel bolt, minimizing the risk of bolt failure during a critical engagement. SAE 9310 steel has a tough, ductile inner core highly resistant to stress fracturing, with a hard outer surface that resists galling and wear, to ensure a service life of up to 60,000 rounds. This is the same steel used in the transmission gears of Formula 1 race cars, so it’s ideal for high-impact, high-heat applications like sustained full-auto fire. Meticulously machined radiuses on all 90-degree corners on the locking lugs help distribute impact force evenly and further reduce risk of premature wear and cracking. Fully supported extractor face and precise extractor engagement further ensure smooth, reliable cycling.

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SPECS: SAE 9310 nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel, chromium nitride. Fully assembled with extractor, gas rings, ejector, pins, and springs installed. .308 fits DPMS/AR-10 Style rifles.


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Cartridge: 308 Winchester

Finish: Black DLC