Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Wet Hand? Wearing Gloves? Helps You Release the Bolt on the First Swipe

As its name indicates, Geissele’s Maritime AR-15 Bolt Catch is designed for use in wet operating environments where the AR-15 user needs an oversized, deeply textured button for positive, first-attempt operation of the bolt release. It’s an excellent upgrade for anybody who needs help making solid contact with the release button under stress or when wearing gloves.

With its aggressively checkered thumb pad, the Geissele Maritime AR-15 Bolt Catch also gives you non-slip contact and positive feedback when manipulating it in the dark or while wearing gloves. The Maritime Bolt Catch’s large surface area is a big help in quickly locking the bolt back and releasing it after a mag change.

  • Strong - heat treated 8620 steel - won’t fail under hard use
  • Black Parkerized (manganese phosphate) finish resists surface wear & corrosion
  • Large, deeply textured, two-part contact pad
  • Fits any lower receiver that accepts a standard mil-spec AR-15 / M16 / M4 bolt catch

With the Geissele Maritime AR-15 Bolt Catch installed, left-handed shooters get a bonus have because they won’t have to break their grip to manipulate the catch thanks. Left-handed shooters can simply use their left index finger to lock the bolt back quickly and efficiently when making magazine changes.

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