Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Lets You Control Gas Flow For Better Rifle Performance & Suppressor Usage

Bootleg’s AR-15 Adjustable Bolt Carrier Group lets you control the amount of gas that passes through the carrier to suit the type of ammo you are shooting. It’s ideal for rifles fitted with sound suppressor. Four adjustable vent settings on the Bootleg AR-15 Adjustable Bolt Carrier Group let you reduce the gas flow, causing less blow back that can affect carrier speed and shooter accuracy. Even better, the Bootleg Adjustable Carrier Group is easily fine-tuned with a flathead screwdriver - while it’s in the rifle!

  • Machined from S7 tool steel for extra strength & durability
  • Lithium isonite coated for lubricity & wear resistance
  • Mil-spec staked gas key
  • Full auto rated
  • Complete Bolt Carrier Group

The Bootleg Adjustable Carrier Group gives you an extra level of control and adjustability so you can fine-tune the performance of your rifle, or even specific loads.


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Cartridge: 223 Remington

Finish: Black