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A Performance-Enhancing Bolt-Carrier Group for Your AR-15

There are a number of critical components on an AR-15, but one of the key elements of any AR rifle is the bolt-carrier group, and it's the performance of this critical internal component that can make or break the performance of your gun. That's why CMC Triggers developed its AR-15 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group, which incorporates a number of must-have features designed to enhance your AR-15.

Each CMC Triggers AR-15 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group is machined from case-hardened 8620 steel and features a flared rear assembly that prevents the carrier from canting or tilting during recoil. The carrier also features relocated bearing surfaces designed to ensure smoother, more-reliable function. Three forward ports allow gas to escape in the event of an overpressure round, and the bolt carrier itself is optimized for use with suppressors.

Within the bolt carrier itself is the bolt assembly, which features true mil-spec dimensions and external surfaces that are CNC-ground after heat-treatment in order to ensure precise tolerances. The bolt is constructed from 9310 case-hardened steel and features a low-friction, black-nitride coating. The bolt is designed for use with 5.56 NATO cartridges and related rounds.


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Cartridge: 22 Caliber (.223-.224)

Finish: Black