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Super Versatile Field Tripod Built for Hard Outdoor Use

Made especially for coyote and deer hunters who often hunt from kneeling or sitting positions, the compact PIG0311-GS Short Tripod from ShadowTech is a rock solid shooting platform that easily goes where you go. The heavy-duty adjustable legs are built to withstand the recoil of a .50 cal., plus you can easily switch between rubber or spike feet to meet your shooting situation.

PIG0311-GS Short Tripod's center column rotates a full 365° (!) and drops all the way down to 9.25" for shooting in a high prone position. A removable, load bearing hook at the bottom of the center column allows you to hang a backpack or other weight for increased increase tripod stability.

  • Supports up to 26 lbs.
  • Easy to transport due to lightweight magnesium body & aluminum legs
  • Three-section extending legs by operating the cam levers
  • Height adjusts from 9.25" to 39.5" AND any height in between
  • 3/8" mount thread
  • Comes interchangeable rubber & spike feet

The ShadowTech PIG0311-GS Short is a versatile, no-nonsense field tripod. It's beefed up specs, tight construction tolerances, and shooter-friendly features are usually found on far more expensive 'pods. When you’re not using it, throw it in a backpack on in your truck and it won’t mind - it’s built that tough!


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Max Height: 39.5"

Maximum Load Capacity: 26 lbs

Min Height: 9.25"

Weight: 4.75 lbs