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An Eliminator Optic With Enhanced Software

One of the greatest struggles for hunters can be in determining what an ethical shot looks like. Do they have the distance right? Are they shooting up or downhill? Is their holdover point correct? The Burris Eliminator IV offers an entirely new software package designed to help hunters make the perfect shot, even at longer ranges.

Each Burris Eliminator IV 16x50mm Laser-Rangefinding Riflescope brings all of the features that shooters and hunters love about the Eliminator series of scopes to an entirely new generation that includes new ballistic software and extended ranges. This new optic provides hunters and shooters with the ability to range targets out to 2,000 yards with ease.

To use the Burris Eliminator IV Riflescope effectively, all a shooter needs to do is input their cartridge's ballistic information into the optic, and the onboard computer does the rest. It'll provide a holdover point for your target's range, as well as offer a holdover point for estimated windage. Once a shooting solution is calculated, a bright-red aiming dot shows up in the reticle, showing a shooter where to aim.


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Battery: AAA

Click Value: 1/4 MOA

Eye Relief: 3.50", 4.0"

Finish: Black

Focal Plane: Second, ...

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