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Integrated Mount & Rings For Rugged Strength

One-piece mount provides strong, secure scope attachment that withstands the bumps and knocks of hard tactical use. Positions scope well above flattop receiver for easy heads-up aiming. Each ring is 11/8" long for maximum contact with scope body, and caps have four hex head clamping screws for recoil-proof holding power. Two, steel, thumb screws and full-length clamping bar securely lock mount to Picatinny receiver rail. Rounded contours and radiused edges resist snagging on other gear. Machined aluminum keeps weight to a minimum. 

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SPECS: Aluminum, hardcoat anodized, black, matte finish. 5-1⁄8" (13cm) O.A.L.. Height measured from top of rail to bottom of ring. 1” - 1.18” (2.99cm) high, 10.7 oz. (303g) weight.


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Finish: Black

Height: 1.18"

Scope Tube Diameter: 1"

Style: Flat Top