Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Rock-Solid Ranging Data Without the Accuracy-Robbing Vibrations

Packed with the latest Nikon technology, the Monarch 3000 Stabilized Rangefinder eliminates the wobbly image caused by your hand shaking due to wind, cold, adrenaline, or too much coffee. The result is a stable image and a fast lock by the 3000’s laser to give you a fast, reliable range reading of targets out to 3,000 yards - that’s nearly 1-3/4 miles!

The key to the Monarch 3000’s stability is a floating internal lens that dampens the effects of vibrations and minor movements - meaning you don’t need to use two hands, a tripod, or a tree to steady the rangefinder. And since the targeting laser and your line of sight are both directed through this floating lens, you can quickly pinpoint the target with breathtaking accuracy.

Outfitted with Nikon’s Hyper Read technology, the Monarch 3000 ranges targets in 0.3 seconds, plus it allows you to scan multiple targets for up to 8 seconds. And when shooting uphill or downhill - where getting a correct range reading is most challenging - Nikon’s ID Technology calculates the correct distance to your target for optimum shot placement.

  • Diminishes shooter-induced vibrations by 80%
  • Displays distances in precise 0.1-yard increments
  • Wide field of view to see area surrounding the target
  • Long eye relief
  • 6x magnification
  • Waterproof & fogproof (of course!)
  • Effective range: 3,000 yds

The Monarch 3000 stabilized rangefinder is also equipped with Nikon’s Tru-Target technology that enables you to dial in on targets that overlap, making it useful for targeting in thick woods. Tru-Target offers two operating modes: you can range a single object (First Target Priority) or to measure the range of the farthest object in a group (Distant Target Priority Mode).


Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.