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A Rangefinder With Advanced Features

SIG Sauer brought the rangefinder market to new heights with the launch of its revolutionary BDX system, and the SIG Kilo1600BDX laser rangefinder is one of the most advanced options in the company's lineup.

Each SIG Sauer Kilo1600BDX laser rangefinder provides 6X magnification, allowing users to range deer-sized game out to 800 yards and calculate a shooting solution when paired with a BDX-compatible riflescope. The system has a maximum reflective range of 2000 yards.

Other stand-out features found in the SIG Sauer Kilo1600BDX laser rangefinder includes the company's HyperScan system, which provides 4 separate ranging updates within a single second, so shooters always have the latest up-to-date range information. The system also features line-of-sight and angle-modified ranging capabilities, and the Lumatic Display automatically adjusts brightness to ambient lighting conditions.


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Battery: CR2

Beam Divergence: 4.0 MRAD

Color: Graphite

Magnification: 6

Objective Size: 22mm

Range; Deer: 800 Yards, ...

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