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Not Your Average Rangefinder

Together with the company's innovative BDX system, the SIG Sauer Kilo1400BDX laser rangefinder is revolutionizing the long-range shooting world, since the technology contained within it does far more than range a target.

With the SIG Sauer Kilo1400BDX laser rangefinder, users can find the exact distance to their target and, up to a distance of 800 yards, use the BDX system and a compatible riflescope to calculate the exact holdover point needed on their rifle, thanks to the Applied Ballistics Ultralight calculator contained in the system.

  • Maximum ranging distance: 1,600 yards
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Objective size: 20mm
  • Powered by CR2 battery

Once the SIG Sauer Kilo1400BDX laser rangefinder calculates a solution, the paired Sierra3BDX optic lights up the spot on the reticle for the exact holdover point.


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Battery: CR2

Color: Graphite

Magnification: 6

Objective Size: 20mm

Range; Deer: 750 Yards

Range; Reflective: 1600 Yards, ...

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