Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Many modern-day tactical optics are outfitted with magnification throw levers, enabling users to have a wide field of view to find targets, then quickly throw the magnification to a higher setting to zero in on a target. If your optic isn't outfitted with one of these helpful tools, then the MK Machining Polymer-Printed Scope-Throw Lever can be added to nearly any optic on the market today.

The scope-throw levers are printed using a custom made nylon alloy and are outfitted with a metal, threaded insert that enhances the strength of the unit and enables it to be securely attached to an optic's magnification ring.

The levers are all made in the USA by MK Machining, and installation takes less than a minute. The units are finished with a matte-black color and are covered under the company's lifetime warranty.


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