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Enables Fast & Easy Changes In Scope Magnification Setting

Aluminum lever clamps around your scope’s magnification adjustment ring and provides the extra leverage needed to quickly change magnification settings. Easy to operate on the run and perfect for three-gun competition—use scope at low setting for close targets and crank quickly to higher magnification for distant targets. Lever requires clearance between the scope body and base or receiver rail for proper operation. 167-171SV1 fits Nightforce NXS full size scopes, Sworavski Z5, Vortex  Viper PST riflescopes with rubber magnification rings, Viper HS riflescopes with rubber magnification rings and other scopes with similar dimensions.

 To be sure of the model/generation of scope you have, measure the magnification ring diameter.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:276
Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:213

SPECS: Lever length: .880”, Ring diameter: Variable - 1.670 - 1.710" not including dimensions for the scope's index nub if present, Color: Anodized Flat Black.


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Finish: Anodized Flat Black

Fits / Used For: Nightforce NXS, Sworavski Z5, Viper HS, Viper PST, Vortex