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Clean Scope Lenses Without Surface Damage

Pocket sized cleaning pen features a unique circular tip with special cleaning compound that leaves the lens spotless without damaging the lens surface or coating. Includes a retractable brush for removing loose particles, plus a flexible tip that easily bends to match the contour of the lens and reach into the tightest corners for complete removal of stubborn debris. Air tight cover prevents the cleaning tip from drying out, plus automatically replenishes it with cleaning compound each time it’s installed. Environmentally safe. Lenspen is recommended for lenses 13mm diameter and larger.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:301

SPECS: Housing - Polymer, black or silver. Brush - Natural bristles. LensPen - 4-15⁄16" (12.5cm) long x 11⁄16" (1.7cm) dia. Tip - ½” (13mm) dia.

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