Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scope offers you high optical quality, sophisticated performance, and innovative design. To use all these benefits to their best advantages, it is important that your spotting scope has firm legs to support it and is mounted in a way that allows you to use it quickly and easily. Our wide range of tripods and our tripod head are tailored to your birdwatching and nature observation needs and are designed to be used with SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scopes. In addition to a lightweight and rugged design, it was particularly important to us that the equipment was quick to adjust and comfortable to carry. Now it’s your turn: choose the tripod that suits you best.

THE ALL-ROUNDER: THE CARBON TRIPOD CT 101 -The perfect tripod for frequent and intensive use. If you need a tripod that is suited to every situation and is also extremely comfortable, the lightweight carbon tripod CT 101 (only 52.9 oz / 1,500 g) is quick and easy to use and has a convenient viewing height of around 66.9 in (170 cm).

THE NEW TRIPOD HEAD DH 101 - With its exceptional positional stability, the new tripod head DH 101 provides the perfect conditions for observing and digiscoping.  Using the Fast Mount System (FMS), the spotting scope can be mounted quickly onto the tripod head with just one hand. The spotting scope is automatically secured to the tripod head to avoid the accidental release of the spotting scope - for maximum safety. Both axes can be set with a single turn of the hand. The tilt and pan movements can also be adjusted and set individually for comfort and ease of use. The integrated leveler makes it easier to adjust the tripod. The outstanding positional stability also prevents even the smallest movements while observing or digiscoping.

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