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A Night-Vision Optic You Can Afford

It used to be that night-vision optics were reserved for the rich or at least the elite units of the military. However, that's no longer true, and the SiOnyx Aurora Black Night Vision Monocular is purpose-built to give you night-vision capability, even if you're on a budget.

Each SiOnyx Aurora Black Night Vision Monocular is a digital design that incorporates the company's ""near moonless starlight night vision,"" making it possible for you to observe your surroundings at any time, even in seemingly pitch-black environments. The housing is IP67 water-resistant, and the unit has been recoil-tested up to 4,000 rounds on an M4 carbine chambered in 5.56 NATO using the company's proprietary mount.

The SiOnyx Aurora Black Night Vision Monocular also features a streaming option that allows you to send recorded video to a smartphone using the SiOnyx app. Included with the camera is a hardshell, waterproof carrying case, two batteries, a USB charging cable and a 32-gigabyte microSD card.


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