Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

One of the latest trends in the handgun market involves topping pistol slides with red-dot optics in an effort to streamline the sighting process.

With a red dot located in a single plane, aiming becomes easier and more-intuitive, allowing shooters to speed up and ease target acquisition. The Henning Group Trijicon RMR Mount allows owners of  Tanfoglio handguns to add an optic onto their handguns.

Each Henning Group Trijicon RMR Mount is machined from stainless steel, with relief cuts carefully optimized to reduce weight while maintaining the integrity of the mount. The unit fits into place with two set screws, and an additional screw in the rear of the unit is used to balance and reduce vibrations during use.

One of the other critical features of the Henning Group Trijicon RMR Mount is the inclusion of a built-in taper that allows for an incredible range of elevation adjustment. Each mount is completed with a black finish and fits EAA Witness handguns.

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Special Order Item: Please allow 5-8 weeks additional processing time.

Color: Black

Fits / Used For: Trijicon RMR