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An Incredibly Low-Profile Shotgun Mount for Your Aimpoint Pro

Mounting a red-dot sight to your dedicated defensive shotgun has never been an easier choice, thanks to the development of the Scalarworks Ultralight Sync Mount designed for use with the Aimpoint Pro red-dot sight. This overbuilt, bombproof mounting system is the best option yet for connecting your chosen optic with your proven shotgun.

Each Scalarworks Sync Mount is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and features a Type III hardcoat-anodized finish. The entire unit mounts using the company's unique key-slot system that mounts to a shotgun using four 4140H steel screws. This mounting system spreads recoil energy over a greater area, so you can be doubly confident that your optic won't lose zero, even under heavy 12-gauge recoil. Plus, this mounting system is completely watertight, so you don't even need a sealing plate between it and the battery compartment on your optic.

Best of all, the Scalarworks Sync Mount is designed to place your Aimpoint Micro at the perfect height for co-witnessed iron sights, so you can have the ultimate aiming system on your defensive shotgun.


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Color: Matte Black