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A Solid Mount for Your Aimpoint Red-Dot Magnifier

Having a red-dot magnifier makes it possible to extend the effective range of your RDS-equipped rifle, but without a solid mount, there's no way you can count on your magnifier flipping into position when needed. That's why the Wilcox Aimpoint Magnifier Flip Mount is a must-have for owners of Aimpoint 3X magnifiers.

Each Wilcox Magnifier Flip Mount is constructed using the company's innovative dovetail-shoe interface, which provides immediate attachment or removal of the magnifier without having to completely deconstruct the mount. The interface is the same system used on Wilcox's line of battle-proven NVG mounts, so you can be sure it'll work.

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Color: Black

Fits / Used For: Aimpoint 3x Magnifier