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An Extra-Strong Mount for Your Aimpoint ACRO

This is literally the strongest quick-Adetach mount ever devised for the Aimpoint ACRO, so there's no way you can go wrong by grabbing the Scalarworks Leap Mount. How do we know it's the strongest? Because the company proved it.

Scalarworks took a group of commonly encountered quick-detach optic mounts on the market and put them through a stress test that could put up to 1,500 pounds of force on each mount. They took the lessons learned from these destructive tests and created a reinforced design that could outlast them all.

As a result, this Scalarworks Leap Mount for the Aimpoint Acro is one of the lightest, strongest mounting systems available today. It's available in 1.42- and 1.57-inch heights and features an all-black finish.


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Color: Black

Fits / Used For: Aimpoint ARCO

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Color: Black

Fits / Used For: Aimpoint ARCO