Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Aimpoint® 3XMag-1 can be used in conjunction with all Aimpoint® sights for long-range aiming or observation. A variable (-3 to +3) dioptric setting allows this magnifier to be adapted to the individual operator’s eye. The 3XMag-1 can also be used as a handheld 3X monocular. Aimpoint magnifiers utilize the red dot in Aimpoint sights as the aiming reticle, eliminating the need for re-zeroing when shifting between non-magnified and magnified aiming. The 3XMag-1 is encased in a shock absorbing protective rubber cover that also creates an ideal ergonomic grip. Internal optical adjustments make aligning the magnifier and sight quick and easy.

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Color: Black

Magnification: 3

Weight: 8.1 oz