Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Handgun grips with a laser sight built into them are nothing new. What is new is Hogue’s Laser Enhanced (LE) rubber grips for Smith & Wesson K- and L-frame revolvers. This is the classic Hogue rubber boot grip that has taken the sting out of shooting S&W six-guns for generations, only now it packs a built-in red aiming laser. For the serious techies, it’s a 630-670nm <5mW Class 3R red laser. For the rest of us, it’s a simple, ultra-reliable, supremely instinctive way to land your shots on target - fast.

Of course, the LE grip is a Hogue, so it fits your hand like a glove, and you’ll forget about the laser until your hand settles in its natural spot and automatically activates the control pad. Except for a small protrusion along the side of your Smith’s frame (just ahead of the grip), the Hogue LE grip is no bulkier than a standard grip. You can continue to stow your S&W K- /L-frame wheelgun in the same holster you’ve been using.

  • Heavy-duty 4mm laser diode stands up to the recoil of your heaviest .357 Magnum loads
  • Programmable laser output (more about this below)
  • Large contact area on button - when you grasp the gun the laser is ON
  • Easy to adjust for windage & elevation
  • Master lockout switch prevents accidental laser activation & battery drain
  • Runs on two CR-2032 button cell batteries
  • Fits Smith & Wesson K- / L-frame with round butt ONLY

The Hogue engineering team has one more trick up their sleeve with the Laser Enhanced grips: programmability. You can program the laser’s output to suit your specific situation. Choose from 3 modes: steady, flashing (twice per second), and "stealth." Stealth mode gives you 3 quick flashes each time you press the activation button; press and HOLD the button and the laser switches into steady mode. There are 4 brightness levels to choose from, too: 100%, 80%, 60% and 40%.

All in all, Hogue’s Laser Enhanced grips provide a major improvement to the shooting comfort, controllability, and accuracy of your S&W revolver.


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Battery: CR-2032

Color: Black

Laser Color: Red

Laser Output: 5mW

Material: Rubber

Style: Lasergrip