Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Softener & Thinner, Great For Tool Cleanup

Lets you thin Acraglas and Acraglas Gel®, plus Steel Bed, Glasbed, and all the Acra products, to the exact consistency needed for each job. Thin Acraglas to "paint" the barrel channel for a moisture-proof seal, or to use as a super tough stock finish that takes heavy use. Gives a thinner mixture to fill cracks and voids. Great to clean up overruns from stock and metal. Use to clean tools and bench after a bedding job. Removes unset "Acra" products from your hands and clothes. Highly evaporative, does not affect hardened strength. Will not soften Acra products once they've set.

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Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:416
SPECS: 1 quart (946ml) can.
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