Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Stable In Hot & Cold Weather; Easy To Machine

Machined fiberglass bedding sleeves provide a solid fit between bottom metal and action to maximize accuracy from a hunting or target rifle. G10 can’t corrode and is highly resistant to dimensional changes from extreme heat or cold conditions, so these sleeves won’t shift due to temperature fluctuations. Easy to machine for custom stock work and fitting to Remington or round-bottom actions. Work best when installed using Brownells ACRAGLAS® family of bedding epoxies. Exterior grooves maximize gripping area for epoxy to guarantee that even frequent disassembly won’t loosen these sleeves.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:415

SPECS: Machined G10 fiberglass. 9⁄16" (14mm) O.D., .3" (7.5mm) diameter center hole (letter drill size N). Short - 1" (2.5cm) nominal length; Long - 1½" (3.8cm) nominal length. Cut to fit. Instructions included. Sold 1 per pak.