Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

8 Sizes Cover Most Gun Needs

So important to have on hand, E-Clips are used to hold pins and parts in place in many modern long guns and some handguns, too. With this E-Clip Kit on hand you can return a gun to service quickly; not waiting for a factory order, and not paying high factory prices - as much as $1 each! All the sizes needed to service popular Remingtons, Marlins, Mossbergs, Savages and Winchesters (plus many more). Vital in your shop as these little buggers get lost as easily as springs and detent balls. Detailed gun parts list cross-reference chart too, worked out by our tech staff with assistance and suggestions from Gary Thiry, Sacramento, California.

The E-Clip Kit has 20 each of 8 different sizes, each size in its own snap-top box inside the Kit box. Refill Paks are also available. With a retail value in the $56 to $120 range, (35 cents to 75 cents each) this Kit cannot only be a lifesaver and loyalty builder, but a real moneymaker, too.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:382
SPECS: 160 clips total. Refills sold 20 per pak.
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